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SAJAMA VOLCANO   (6.548 Mts. above sea level)

The highest point of this impressive volcanic cone is the highest elevation in Bolivia (6.548 Mts), found within the area of the Sajama National Park, in the province of Curahuara de Carangas (Department of Oruro). This unique region of the world was declared a National Park in November of 1.945 because of its abundant wild life.
For climbing the Sajama it is needed to have experience, a good physical condition and good material. There are two routes, north and west. The north route is shorter, but in some parts we have pendent of 45 and 50 degrees.
The west route is longer butte difficult part is in the higher camp with pendent of 45 and 50 degrees crossing 2 still ropes necessary. After those 400 Mts. it is easier. In the Sajama we have a lot of wind and cold in June, July and August, but you can see a spectacular view.
The region is reach in the Thermal waters, it is the point of origin of the Lauca river and at 4.750 Mts. above sea level, the Keñuas forest, the highest forest in the world, Yaretales.
Used by local people for fuel, Tholas, Paja brava, and a great variety of other abound in this region. It is also the natural habitat of Andean animals such as; Llamas, Vicuñas and Alpacas, Ñandu or Suri (Andean ostrich), Wallata or wild geese, pink Flamengo, Perdices, wild mallard Ducks, Viscachas, Chinchillas, mountains Cats, Pumas, Foxes, etc... Also the area has got its own, Cultural Patrimony which is the Curahuara de Carangas Church.



DAY 01: Departure from La Paz by vehicle transport across the international road by Tambo Quemado–Arica Chile (300 km. a long) on the Bolivia is spectacular high plateau, arrival and camping on the out skirts of the  village of Sajama (4.200 Mts). Ascent 3 hours by foot to the base camp (4.700 Mts), with assistance of pack animals, overnight camping

DAY 02: Ascent to the high camp (5.600 Mts.) with assistance of high altitude porters for about 5 hours, overnight camping

DAY 03: Climbing to the summit of the Sajama Volcano (6.548 Mts), up to summit 7 ours, and return to the high camp, we need for about 12 hours, we descent to base campo more 2 ½ ours overnight camping

DAY 04: Morning move to the village of Sajama, and take at hot springs for relaxation/ or overnight Lodge

DAY 05: Long journey of return to La Paz, arrival to your hotel and end of our services.

DURATION: 5 Days - 4 Nights

SEASON: April - November


- Exclusive transport 4X4 Toyota round trip,specialised Mountains Guide,collective technical equipment two person, tent,Cook and an assistant person, there Meals during the day (Full board pension)Full kitchen, equipment. Cook and assistant,pack animals, mules maximum load capacity per animal 40 kg, high Altitude porters, support logistical material, radio communications.


- Personal equipment and climbing material, extra expenses out mentioned, tip, etc.


We strongly advice you to be fully equipped before you start any expedition. Members of the high mountain expedition must have the following complete personal climbing equipment:

- Rucksack  70 Lt. ,climbing plastic boots, crampons, ice axe  / ice pick, harness, a pair of waterproof gaiters, a pair of prusicks, sleeping bag able to withstand temperature – 20oC , respective mat and insulated pad, rain and down feather jacket / gorotex, wind jacket, snow sticks, good snows pants, good cold protective gloves and scarves, good cold protective socks, sun and snow glasses with side protection, sun and cold protective caps, sun and cold protective creams, head lamp with new batteries, personal first aid kit, individual water bottles, a small notebook.

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