Bernardo Guarachi: Touching the sky with your hands
31 May 2013

Bernardo Guarachi: Touching the sky with your hands

Following the news that a climber had climbed Makalu Bolivian gathered a group of people we called "Friends of Guarachi" made by actors, politicians, President of IDB, private companies, in order to many people who even managed to make holding raffles to make this great challenge.

Mountaineering is an expensive sport, only boots can cost $ 1,000. Once these aspects, I began my preparation, thinking to climb the highest mountain in the world exceptional conditions required physical strength and mental confidence that you can achieve this dream.

Again and again


Immensely both spiritual and passionate about adventure, confident but able to speak with the greatest humility, true lover of nature and tireless advocate for the environment. Bernardo Guarachi is a world-renowned mountaineer Bolivian, a human being who has transcended borders bearing the name of our country to the top.
I was seduced

He slept deeply, a sudden jolt woke me, and there I was dazzled by what my eyes saw, a towering mountain in the middle of the plateau. She seemed to speak, I felt challenged to deal with it, then I realized that invited me to meet her.

After several years climbing the mountains of our country, began the dream of reaching the top of the highest mountains in the world: first was the Mount Makalu in the Himalayas and then the dream, reach the summit of Mount Everest. But let me tell you how this adventure began.

Invited by the American expedition Condor Adventures ¨ ¨ which is based in Colorado, USA, accept gladly participate in the ascent to Mount Makalu in the Himalaya (8463 meters high) with an Englishman 10 Americans and one Russian, we start to Asia after the great adventure I had dreamed.

Ceremony begins the ascent

Just got to Nepal were moved by the respect they have for the mountains. The Sherpas ¨ ¨ or locals who are dedicated to transport food and materials for mountaineers, began a ceremony to not anger the king of heights then proceeded to tie white flags, blue, red yellow and green. Each color represents nature.

Personifies White snow, blue sky, fire red, yellow and green land vegetation. Once this formality began to climb the mountain.

Experience the rise

When you start the ascent could see the great enthusiasm and optimism of the mountaineers, however gradually the tiredness caused disperse we finally arrived exhausted to first base. I can not describe the thrill to see these magnificent scenery that only God could carve and form in nature. The beauty that you see at this point is indescribable, I can only say that those images will remain etched in my heart forever.

Thus we gradually climbing and resting on each base, after eating something, reponíamos forces and later we continued the difficult march.

Closer to the sky

30 days of fighting with a temperature below 40 degrees below zero, they become an important learning. The harsh conditions they teach you to be more humble with the environment, to take care of what we do, the consequences, because a mistake can cost us our lives.

This is a high-risk sport and among us there is a law ¨ "if something happens and you're alone no one can help you, and then you give yourself to the mountain forever.

Before getting to second base I witnessed a fateful done. Two climbers who were separately frozen died probably lost trying to return to their camps. When you close presence of this, understands how fragile versus environment.

Still after a month of constant pressure on April 29, 1994 at 14: 05 hrs. I managed to meet my first desire, incredible climbing Mount Makalu in the Himalayas, the records show that I was the 94th climber to reach the summit, but I was the first to win the top among the 18 members we left on this expedition.

After the dream

Having conquered Makalu thirst for more, came over me, that I decided that nothing would stop me to reach my final destination, the great dream of every climber to reach the summit of the great Mount Everest.

In early attempts left disappointed because I could only reach the 8,200 m, adverse weather conditions prevented my aspiration concrete. The penultimate time I lacked only one hundred meters to get to the top, but the ropes were not enough and an unexpected storm brought me back to base camp. That did not deter prompted me to go ahead. After four years I moved to Nepal and a half months I started my training again.
Making the dream a reality

The May 25, 1998 my dream finally came true. The expedition to Mount Everest, sailed from La Paz and hard 110 days. When we reached the base at 7980 meters, seemed a city on the moon, hundreds of tents housing more than 300 trekkers and 600 Scherpas, ready to climb to the top.

We along with two friends in Singapore started the ascent at 22:00 hrs. Covered by the cloak of night began inclement rise, people gradually gave in, abandoning the possibility of continuing, fatigue, extreme weather, are executioners of man. We decided to continue, at 4:00 am, we stopped for a moment by the penetrating darkness, there a misstep can be death, but the adrenaline coursing through my veins prompted me to go alone.

I was the first

At 5:55 am Nepal time finally "reached to heaven" reached the top of the world by making my dream come true. At the top stood an hour this is a record time, no hard before both in this place and it is that lack of oxygen and extreme conditions prevent the body resist more. At the peak, I felt an immense emotion by placing the Bolivian flag as amid superb scenery.

From there I could see again the incomparable beauty of nature, made for men who can appreciate. I felt huge and was sure to have the universe at my fingertips.

His new challenge

The biggest thrills I've felt have been possible thanks to nature. For all you have given me I have the mission to give back, looking after her. That's my challenge. When we see the great oversight that has for the environment I wonder how much more our planet is going to resist?. It was estimated that by 2015 the Chacaltaya suffer the thaw, now in 2011 it is no longer possible to ski there. This is enough reason to be aware of what is happening. If we all started taking small actions to protect the environment, if instead of taking out the garbage learn to classify, if environmental policies driving authorities, or in schools we train children to be more respectful of the habitat, we Secure to continue to enjoy the great treasures offered by this planet.

Now birth again to Nepal and from there I will keep coming back to tell my new adventures ...

Bernardo Guarachi

or is professional climber since 1981, but climbs mountains since 1976
or climbed the Illimani in 186 opportunities
or headed bailouts like the Eastern plane that crashed into the Illimani
or know perfectly the Cordillera Real, from Chile to Argentina
or reached the summit of Sajama approximately 40 times
or climbed Aconcagua in more than three times
or conquered the summit of Makalu in the Himalayas
or was the first Bolivian to crown the national flag on the summit of Everest at 8850 meters so bre sea level (This great feat it took 3 months)

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